Little Baby’s Is Having An Ice Cream Auction

little-babys-ice-cream-940Because the crew at Little Baby’s seems completely incapable of doing a normal thing when a weird option presents itself, they’re having an ice cream auction. In January.

But hey, if you’re a big fan and have just been dying to get your hands on some of their rare, lost, forgotten or out-of-print flavors, this is the night for you. They’re planning on digging through every freezer to find all the odds and ends of the past year, and will be putting every single one of them up for auction on Friday, January 9, from 8-10pm at the Little Baby’s World Headquarters on Frankford Avenue.

Sean and Andrew Arsenalt from Brewery Arts are going to be this year’s auctioneers, and they’re also going to be offering up pours of some of their beers throughout the event. Admission is free (as are the drinks), but be sure to bring a cooler and some cash if you’re interested in bidding on ice creams that you’ll never see anywhere else–and likely never see again.


The Great Ice Cream Auction 2015 [Official]