Brick & Mortar Has A Plan–And Is Getting Closer To An Opening Date

So last time we talked about Brick & Mortar (the new joint from ex Franklin Mortgage partner Mike Welsh, going into the Goldtex building on 12th Street), it was to announce that they’d gotten themselves a chef–namely Brian Ricci, ex of Kennett, Django, Supper and Pub & Kitchen.

Now, Ricci is working on his opening menu, and he offered a bit of a preview.

According to Ricci, he’ll be setting up the menu in four sections–Small, Medium, Large and Last–because no one just does apps and entrees any more and chefs, apparently, love making it impossible on the FOH staff to sanely pace a meal.

But that aside, it looks like he has some good ideas. Here’s a sample.

Small — includes items such as Red Paste Grilled Pork Belly, Purple and Green Kale Salad, oyster ceviche, and hand-cut Yukon spicy fries, among additional offerings.

Medium — brings a hearty Cheese Board, Meat Board, Vegetable Board, Pork Loin Bundles, a brisket blend burger and a pounded, wrapped and roasted pork steak, Napa Cabbage with Jerusalem Artichoke and melted Lardo.

Large — comes in the way of Rotisserie Chicken (1/2 of whole), veal shank, beef rib {with Berber spice kale and lentils}, beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon; and rotisserie specials such as lamb, game bird, pig, etc.

Last — sports fun and well-balanced offerings such as Jam Roly-Poly, Sticky Toffee Cupcake, Ginger loaf with butterscotch sauce and bergamot ice cream, grilled seasonal fruit and apple and granola.

Two things we learn from reading this? One, Brick & Mortar is going to have a rotisserie (which, like a menu that doesn’t include apps or entrees, appears to be a modern necessity in any restaurant). And two, apparently you can make ice cream out of bergamot. I’m hoping that, in this case, Ricci means the weird Italian orange that pretends its a lemon, and not the antiseptic herb the American Indians used to treat mouth ulcers, but who knows. Oh, and also? I’ll take one of those beef tenderloins wrapped in bacon right now, thanks.

Word on the street is that Brick & Mortar is looking at a January opening.

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