Knife Fight at Tuk Tuk Real

10481547_587445561377507_2765029720773618872_oThey’re having a knife fight at Tuk Tuk Real.

Chef Alex Boonphaya and his sous, Silvestre Rincon, will take on chef Nick Farina of Verdad Restaurant & Tequila Bar  and his sous, Trevor Ford, on November 6th at 6:30 p.m.

And for $40 a person, you get to watch. And eat. And enjoy the “Cerveza Recepción” featuring each of the chefs’ favorite Mexican beers, followed by the 6-course meal. Each team will produce two savory courses and one dessert course. Everyone will taste. And then guests will rate each dish, leaving one winner with bragging rights and a brand new set of Korin Japanese chef knives.

Reservations for the Knife Fight can be made by calling Tuk Tuk Real at 267-639-2396.

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