Philadelphia Bars Bailing on Bar Rescue

2nd State drink list, guess this is a Taffer-maniacs collector's item.

2nd State drink list, guess this is a Taffer-maniacs collector’s item.

Michael Klein has the story that both recently filmed Bar Rescue bars are backing away from their Jon Taffer makeovers. The former Lickety Split has removed the “Alleged Pizza” graphics from its first floor and dumped its drink list from 2nd State Lounge upstairs. That might be just as well as the “South Street Sazerac” I was served was given an Absinthe rinse of about 4-ounces.

As for Plush in Glenside, that bar was rechristened Osteria Calabria, though the staff evidently referred to it as “OC” from day one. A Facebook post shows they uncovered the bar top that Taffer overhauled.

The Philadelphia episodes of Bar Rescue will appear on Spike TV in November with Lickety Split airing on November 9th and Plush a week later on the 16th. Hopefully both bars make it to their air dates.

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