Eagles Fans Threw “Molotov Cheesesteak”


In our unending quest to cover all-things-cheesesteaks, we direct you to the Washington Post’s Sports Blog where Dan Steinberg went above and beyond in figuring out just what was thrown at Philadelphia’s Public Enemy Number One, Washington Redskins defensive tackle Chris Baker. Baker was jeered by fans at the Linc on Sunday after being ejected for an unnecessary roughness penalty for crushing Nick Foles in the 4th quarter.

After the game, Baker identified the tossed objects as tartar sauce and mustard. This raised the eyebrow of Steinberg, an exceptional journalist with a dogged attention to detail. Steinberg reached out to other witnesses in order to uncover just what was thrown. One frame from the FOX broadcast shows what looks like a cheesesteak whizzing from the stands. A second witness was hit with what is described as a “Molotov Cheesesteak.” “He reported that he was actually hit in the face with a paper cup that had been filled with ‘cheesesteak innards,’ these innards including ‘cheese and big meat slabs.’ The slabs of meat, he added, were ‘Geno’s style — not Pat’s.'”

As for the tartar sauce? To our well-trained eye, that’s clearly a cup of cheese sauce from Chickie’s and Pete’s crab fries.

Eagles fans threw cheesesteak innards and hot dog buns at Chris Baker after he was ejected [Washington Post]

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