Next Week: Brewers Unleashed Unleashes Itself On Philly

Ok, so it’s not often that we’d bother talking to you about an event being thrown by MillerCoors (the people who brought the world Mickey’s Ice and Miller Chill), but we’re making an exception for this one.

Brewers Unleashed is a thing that the company has been doing in Chicago for the last three years–a thing which essentially started as a company party but then blossomed into a full-scale public showcase of weird, one-off beers being brewed by small-time craft brewers within the MillerCoors family. Apparently, it’s a very popular event. Apparently, it sells out all the time.

And now, for one night only, it’s coming to Philly, as part of the Franklin Institute’s “Science After Hours” program. Which, you know, just kinda makes it even cooler.

Now before you go and get all scoffy about this whole thing, let’s be clear. Yes, it’s being put on by one of the biggest mega-breweries out there, but even the mega-est of mega-breweries have among their brand portfolio some little guys (and even some not-so-little guys) who want to brew something better than just another million gallons of Milwaukee’s Best. So check out the tap list before you make up your mind.

Brewers Unleashed

Tuesday, September 9, 6:30-9:30pm

Goldenator Doppelbock

a double-decocted double bock from our 3- barrel pilot brewery in Golden, Colorado, AC Golden

Fragrant Fire

Our Leinenkugel’s Big Eddy Ryewine aged on Sichuan Peppercorns, Tien-tsin peppers, and Chinese Hot Mustard Seeds in a Bourbon Barrel from Tenth Street, our satellite brewery in Milwaukee that specializes in our small batch brews and will be kicking off a barrel aging program in the near future.

Cinnamon Horchata Ale

The newest creation from Blue Moon Brewing Company, this is our Brewmaster’s delicious take on the traditional Latin rice milk and cinnamon beverage.

Bubblicious Berlinerweiss

a delicious sour served with your choice of popping fruit bobas in lieu of traditional woodruff syrup from our 10 barrel pilot facility in Milwaukee, Miller Valley Brewing.

Prickly Pear Cider

a speically blended cider made just for this event with 100% fresh-pressed pear juice from Crispin Cider Company

Willis Schwartz

a smooth, dark lager from the Sandlot who have won 43 GABF medals including ‘Large Brewer of the Year’ at the 2013 GABF (on a 10 barrel system, no less).

Tickets for the event are just $17 and have to be bought through the Franklin Institute website. Just click on the convenient link below.

Brewers Unleashed [event page]

Tickets [Franklin Institute]