Because SPAM Is Awesome, That’s Why


As if there needs to be a reason to celebrate SPAM–the world’s favorite canned meat product–a team of chefs and troublemakers have determined that next Wednesday, August 27, should be a day devoted to the greater glories of Hormel’s wonder-meat.

And so, on that night, at American Sardine Bar, there’s going to be a SPAM party. Photographer Neal Santos, food writer and man-about-town Drew Lazor and chef Scott Schroeder will be “expressing [their] hermetically sealed love” with an a la carte spread of “original SPAM-centric snacks.” Oh, and if that’s not enough, these three somehow managed to convince the good people at SPAM headquarters to ship them out a bunch of rare, weird or locally unavailable varities of SPAM, like hot-and-spicy SPAM, teriyaki jalapeno SPAM and bacon-flavored SPAM.

So you’re already excited, right? I know you are. And you’re going to be even more into it when you see the menu that the guys are putting together.

SPAM Night At American Sardine Bar

Menu possibilities include…

– SPAM PANDESAL SLIDERS: seared thick-cut Spam on homemade pandesal, a sweet Filipino breakfast roll, with mango/papaya slaw and mayo

– SPAM FRIED RICE LUMPIA: Spammy fried rice twisted into spring roll wrappers and deep-fried until ludicrously crispy

– SPAM CORN DOG: battered and served with beer mustard

– PLUS…Spam tacos, Spam mac ‘n’ cheese and more

The kitchen at American Sardine Bar will start serving the SPAM specials at 6 p.m. and will go until they run out. Word to the wise? Show up early and show up hungry.

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