One Night Only: Delaney BBQ At 10 Arts


One of the best modern pitmen in America is from Philly.

No, seriously. Daniel Delaney, who left town in 2008 and currently runs Delaney BBQ, which might be the best Texas-style barbecue joints in NYC, makes some of the best brisket anywhere (according to people who really know about this stuff, like Dan Vaughn, the staff BBQ expert from Texas Monthly). And now he’s coming home, for a one-night-only collaboration at 10 Arts.

This Thursday, Delaney will be in the kitchen at 10 Arts as part of their Tasting Series. The regular crew will do two courses, followed by Delaney’s brisket and a spread of Southern sides, all served family-style, on butcher’s paper and trays, which has to be a first for 10 Arts. Then there’ll be a bourbon ice cream dessert from 10 Arts pastry chef Stephen Wilson, and the whole thing will be paired with wines chosen by Delaney and the Ritz-Carlton team.

Yes, it’s going to be an awesome night for barbecue junkies. And yes, seating is extremely limited. Dinner starts at 7:30. A seat at the table will cost you $75 for five family-style courses plus pairings. And you can get yours by calling 215-523-8000.

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