Sneak Preview: COOK’s July Schedule


July at COOK starts with yet another installment of our Foobooz Open Stove series and then brings in the big guns. Ela, Lacroix, Bistrot La Minette, Kermit’s Bake Shoppe, Morimoto–all representing. And that’s just the start.

Check out the full schedule after the jump. And remember: Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 2pm and have a tendency to go quickly. So if you see something you like, buy in early. You won’t regret it.

COOK July Class Schedule

July 2: Open Stove XXVI
July 3: Into The Mexian Garden with Lucio Palazzo of Taqueria Feliz
July 6: 12PM Breakfast Pastries with Chad Durkin of Kermit’s Bake Shoppe
July 10: STARR SERIES: Contemporary Japanese Fare with Ben Dayag of Morimoto Restaurant
July 13: 2PM Superb Summer Sweets with Tova du Plessis of Lacroix
July 14: Simple Summertime Meatless Monday with Beth Kaufman, Holistic Health Coach
July 15: Jersey Fresh with Georgeann Leaming of Suppa
July 18: Simple Supper Favorites with Chad Durkin of Kermit’s Bake Shoppe
July 19: 12PM Mediterranean Desserts with Bonnie Sarana Noll of Vanilya Bakery
July 20: 12PM Kimchi-101 with Amanda Feifer of
July 22: Marinating and Grilling: Indian Style with Rakesh Ramola of Indeblue
July 23: An Evening with Jason Cichonski and Matt Gentile of Ela
July 24: Summer in Italy with Mike Traud of Drexel University Center for Hospitality & Sport Management
July 25: Summery Pasta Sauces with Becca O’Brien of Two Birds Catering and Canning
July 27: 2PM STARR SERIES: Nothin’ But Nutella Desserts with Chris Buretta of Continental MidTown
July 29: A Beery, Bar-y Good Time with Brian Lofink and Adam Ritter of The Sidecar Bar & Grille and Kraftwork
July 30: Summer Seafood with Stacey DiPlacido of Fitzwater Café
July 31: Simple Provençal Cuisine with Kenny Bush of Bistrot La Minette

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