More Happy Hour Action From Tashan

Yesterday, we brought you news about the new progressive, all-shots happy hour at Hop Sing Laundromat which offered such delights as $3.50 pours of Maestro Dobel reposado tequila and 18 year-old Jameson for just $8.88.

Today, we have news from Tashan (remember Tashan?), where another new happy hour program (and a new lunch) are under way.

They’re calling it their “Go Big Happy Hour” at Tashan, and that’s not really hyperbole because they’re essentially offering half-off everything behind the bar (including whole bottles of wine) and half off a list of selected (and ever-changing) appetizers in an attempt to offer people an incentive to go for that exceptional vintage or second plate of goat cheese naan.

The main happy hour runs Monday through Friday from 5-7pm. And then the house is also doing a second, Saturday happy hour from 9-11pm where all drinks and desserts are half-off in the lounge.

Not enough for you? Well Tashan is also bringing back lunch, serving a brand-new menu offering everything from gol gappa to dal roti–23 small plates, daily lunch specials and a chef’s tasting menu for those who just can’t make up their minds.

You can check out all the new menus and information on Tashan’s website. Or you could just go and check it out for yourself. I mean, happy hour starts in a couple hours, and if you don’t already have other plans…

Tashan [Official]