Tonight: Bitterest Beer In The World On Tap Tonight At Sidecar

The Sidecar Bar & Grill is having another High Gravity Wednesday party tonight, and in addition to their usual lineup of high-ABV beers, they’re bringing in a special brew that’ll just plain wreck your face.

Mikkeller 1000 IBU is a seriously bitter beer. Not, you know, just a little bit bitter. Not, “Hey, that’s quite a bitter beer right there.” But heavy-duty, palate-destroying bitter. The name? It’s derived from the International Bittering Unit scale (which is totally a real thing), which is used to measure the bitterness of beer. A Bud Light? It comes in at around 6.4 IBUs. A barleywine will rate in the range of 70 or 80 on the top end. But this Mikkeller? It has a “theoretical” IBU of 1,000–essentially an off-the-charts bitterness (and a 9.6% ABV) that some people will decry as a stunt beer and others will love because drinking it is kind of like chewing your ay through a hop field.

So if that’s your thing, now you know where to go. And we’ve got the full high-gravity tap list for you right after the jump.

Sidecar High Gravity Wednesday
May 14

Brussels Calling, a Belgian pale from De La Senne (6% ABV)
Mach 10, an Imperial IPA from Bear Republic (9.10% ABV)
Bourbon Black, an Imperial Black Ale from Allagash (9% ABV)
Avec Les Bon Veoux, a Saison from Brasserie Dupont (9.5% ABV)
Ogden, a Tripel from Goose Island (9% ABV)
Bootes, a Strong Ale from Weyerbacher (9% ABV)
Hop’solutely, an Imperial IPA from Brew Works (11% ABV)

Sidecar High Gravity Night [Official]