An Albama Supper At The Fat Ham

On Monday, June 2nd, Kevin Sbraga and his chef de cuisine Aaron Gottesman will be sharing the kitchen with two of the bright lights of the Alabama culinary scene.

Leo Maurelli, exec chef of Central in Montgomery, Alabama, and Rob McDaniel, exec and GM at SpringHouse on Alabama’s Lake Martin, will join chefs Sbraga and Gottesman in the kitchen at the Fat Ham to put together a four-course, family-style dinner for guests. Tickets are $90 per person (all inclusive). If you’ve ever been to the Fat Ham, you know space is limited, so reservations are required. And all seating is at communal tables, between 6pm and 9pm.

Details, details… What matters here is the food. And the menu, though being sold as four courses, is really kinda more like eight. Click through the link and you’ll see what I mean.

Each of the four chefs will be handling a single course, yes. But each of those courses will be comprised of two different dishes. It’ll break down like this:

First course by Chef Maurelli
Marinated Blue Crab Claws, with Alabama corn and Heirloom tomato; and Hominy and Cotija Fritters, with tostones, pork jowl bacon and sofrito

Second course by Chef Gottesman
Black Pepper Pappardelle, with rabbit confit, fava beans and locatelli; and Three Green Salad, with crispy pigs ears, sunflower seeds and fig vinaigrette

Third course by Chef McDaniel
Slow Roasted Porchetta, with field pea salad; and Poached Gulf Shrimp, with jumbo asparagus and gribiche

Fourth course by Chef Sbraga
Buttermilk Chess Pie, with lemon chantilly and fried rosemary; and Blackberry Cobbler, with Belle Chevre goat cheese sorbet

So yeah, it’s gonna be a big meal and a helluva night. You can reserve your seats through the link below.

Alabama Supper At The Fat Ham [Tickets]