Attention Poets: Win Free Tickets To The Philadelphia Wine & Food Festival

Yesterday, we gave away a pair of VIP passes to the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival to a guy who thought the best way to make fun of the new Cheesecake Factory coming to Philly was to open a second restaurant beside it that served the exact same menu, only made by local chefs, with good ingredients and served in portions half as mammoth. And today, we’re giving away a pair of tickets to the Philadelphia Wine & Food Festival in exchange for just a little bit of poetry.

The Wine & Food Fest is coming to the Simeone Automotive Museum on May 10, and will feature samples being poured from over 500 wines from all around the world. There’ll also be food (from Davio’s, Indeblue, Alla Spina and others), a silent auction, an on-site wine and spirits store and an opportunity for guests to get up close and personal with some of the coolest and rarest racing and sports cars ever built (because you know what they say: Nothing pairs better with a snoot full of fancy wine than a high-powered sports car…)

For regular people, tickets are $130. But for the best poet among you? You’re going to get a pair of tickets for free. And here’s all you have to do is…

You have to write us a poem. It doesn’t have to be a haiku this time, but we’re asking you to keep it to a max of 12 lines. Free verse is cool, but, as always, there are bonus points for anyone who follows a rhyme scheme. And your subject matter is Philadelphia, spring time and wine.

Within those parameters, everything is fair game. It can be an ode to fine booze and sunshine, a sonnet about drinking Mad Dog by the Schuylkill on an April morn, or anything in between. The only rule is that it must be 12 lines and include those three elements–wine, Philly and the spring. All submissions go in the comments. The deadline is 4pm tomorrow (meaning Friday). And this time around, we’ll be picking the winner ourselves, so feel free to vote up poems you like, but the most popular will not necessarily be the winner.

And with that, the contest is begun. So get to poem-izing, folks. There’s $260 worth of drinking and snacks on the line, and the only way to win is to play.

Philly Wine & Food Festival [Official]