Fast Casual Pizza Coming To Ardmore


The fast casual / QSR model has done wonders for burritos thanks to Chipotle. Places like HipCityVeg adjusted the model to work for healthy salads. There are other operations that do noodles, wraps, sandwiches and more.

But for a long time, one of the holy grails of the QSR industry has been the fast casual pizza–offering customers a fully-customizable pie in a Chipotle-style counter service setting. And while no one has managed to pull this off yet, it looks like a new restaurant opening in Ardmore (in the former home of Peace A Pizza at 4 Station Road) is going to be the first to take a swing.

Snap Custom Pizza is aiming to do for pizza what Chipotle did for burritos–laying all possible ingredients out in front of the customers and allowing them to design their own pie. We’re talking fresh, seasonal vegetables and free-range meats, all on display, allowing customers to load unlimited toppings onto their pizza. And then, once the assembly is complete, the cooking takes only two minutes to finish–making it so customers can get in, order, and be on their way with a custom pizza in just minutes.

Sound interesting? Well, Snap (which is being opened by the former Peace A Pizza owners, along with chef Tim Van Winkle) is having a grand opening celebration this weekend so you can check it out for yourself. On Saturday, April 12, they’re offering $5 pizzas with unlimited toppings to everyone who shows up.

Snap Custom Pizza [Official]