Chef Shuffling: Rounding Up All of the Chef Moves


Earlier today we shared the big news that David Gilberg of Koo Zee Doo would be this summer’s chef at Morgan’s Pier. But that is far from the only chef shuffling that’s been happening.

Jeremy McMillan is the new chef at Talula’s Garden and Talula’s Daily. McMillan comes from Bedford Post in upstate New York. Current chef, Sean McPaul is following his ballerina girlfriend to New York. [The Insider]

Matthew Daggett is the new Executive Chef at Serrano. Daggett comes to the Old City restaurant from Devil’s Den, where he was chef de cuisine. Paul Trowbridge remains the exec chef over at Devil’s Den and Barren Hill Tavern.

Mike Santoro of The Mildred (and initial chef at Talula’s Garden) has been upping his collaboration game. This week he and Chris Kearse did a collaboration at Will. And Santoro is also developing the menu at Nicole Marquis’ Charlie Was a Sinner. [The Insider]

Top Chef contestant Travis Masar is currently at Sampan and in the summer, he will be moving over to Michael Shulson’s Independence Beer Garden.

Spotted in the kitchen at the upcoming Volver, is Billy Riddle, formerly of Ela.

Chef Matt Levin is consulting at the Pineville Tavern in Bucks County. Levin has added new dishes to the menu that stay far away from his stunty stuff from Square Peg. [The Insider]