UPDATE: Tickets To Dine At Volver Go On Sale Tomorrow Morning


Oh, and while we’re talking reservations, let’s not forget that tomorrow morning at 9am, Jose Garces’s new experiment in “ticketed dining” will begin at Volver.

As we discussed in our first post about Volver’s impending opening, tickets for dinner at Volver are purchased (and paid for) up to 60 days in advance, with new tickets being made available every 30 days. And as we discussed in our second post (once we’d taken a moment to digest the announcement), at the top end, a prix fixe dinner in Volver’s main dining room now represents the single most expensive dinner in town by a large margin.

For those of you who are still confused by this whole scheme, there’s a huge FAQ up right now on the Volver website which gives you all the rules, restrictions and regulations for dining at Volver.

UPDATE: Just got word from the Garces camp that the first actual night of service at Volver will be April 16.

UPDATE: Ticket sales are live right now at Volver’s ticketing website. They appear to be selling pretty briskly, and most of the “Performance” tickets (the full, 12-course spread, not the pre-theatre) are going for $175 a pop. It also appears that they can only be bought by table–ie a table for two for $350, a table for four for $700–and that tax and tip are not included (though the price does include a 20% “service fee”). Two-tops are selling out right now all the way through May.

UPDATE: Nope, got that wrong. Tax and tip are included, you just have to get all the way to the end of the transaction before that bit of math shows up. There are still tables available, but it appears right now that the people of Philadelphia are willing to go down this pre-paying / event ticket rabbit hole with Jose Garces.

FINAL UPDATE: Okay, so here’s the deal. You go in, you pay $350 for a table for two for one of the performance dinners, and then, at the end, you’re assessed tax and a 20% tip. What it comes down to is a $350 dinner for two actually running you $453.60–and that’s still without drinks. At the beginning, it appeared as though the drink-pairing add-on to the performance tickets wasn’t showing up. But now it is, offering you the option to pay in advance for your booze as well–and adding further to your total cost, of course. So that $175 ticket price? That is NOT including tax or tip.

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