Six Pack: Six Places to Indulge with Foie Gras

Photo by Neal Santos

I recently had some friends from California in town and they were wondering where to go to get some 100% legal Foie Gras in Philadelphia. So I came up with this list of traditional and creative foie gras dishes.


At Avance the foie gras is turned into ribbons of buttery goodness and served with pickled grapes, yogurt-cardamom snow and a black walnut grumble.


Pierre Calmels changes his Duo de Foie Gras seasonally but it is always a heavenly combination.


Whip it, whip it real good. Devo may have been talking about the whipped foie gras at Ela in their hit song (well if the song didn’t pre-date the whipped foie by 30 years). Right now the foie gras is being paired with honey crisp apple, gingerbread and ice wine vinegar.


Nick Elmi is serving his foie gras as a terrine with cocoa. The balanced dish has been an early favorite.


Menus rotate regular at Kevin Sbraga’s eponymous restaurant but one dish doesn’t leave the menu. Sbraga’s foie gras soup has been a must-order hit since the restaurant opened.


At Will the decadence of the foie gras and rabbit terrine is elevated by the accompanying hazelnut.

Have some other foie gras favorites around town? Let us know what they are in the comments.