Han Dynasty Is One Of The Best New Restaurants In NYC


We already knew that Adam Platt, critic at New York magazine, was a fan of the new Han Dynasty that opened last year on 3rd Avenue in New York. He gave it three glowing stars in his early review and gushed over everything from the ubiquitous dan dan noodles to the hot pots.

But now, he has made his love official–naming Han Dynasty as one of the 10 best new restaurants in NYC in New York Magazine’s most recent restaurant issue (the one on the stands right now, with Platt’s coming-out-of-the-closet story and big round head right on the cover).

And while we’re talking about Han Dynasty and owner, Han Chiang, it just so happens that this month’s issue of Philadelphia magazine also features him quite prominently–in a profile that talks about Sichuan food, weed, his upbringing, his early days as a restaurant owner, New York City, his plans for the future (next stop: Beverly Hills) and what to do when you find an unconscious food writer in your bed on opening night.

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