Alan Richman Ranks His Ten Favorite Cheesesteaks

Alan Richman, GQ Food editor and Philadelphia native has ranked his ten favorite Philadelphia cheesesteaks. In a single day, Richman and his crew of cheesesteak eaters managed to try 23-steaks and ranked the top-ten steak sandwiches in order.

There are plenty of zingers and a top-ten list that will be sure to be criticized. Unfortunately we don’t know which places he went to that didn’t make the list.

Here’s the top-ten list and some of our favorite zingers.

  1. Sonny’s Famous Steaks
    “What a combination—wonderful cheesesteaks and attentive service. That’s almost impossible to find.”
  2. Philip’s Steaks
    “At Philip’s, you pick up your cheesesteak, then do an about-face and eat standing up at a long, narrow, metal counter that stretches along the sidewalk. Of course, this style of dining is more fun when you’re facing the ocean, not West Passyunk Avenue.”
  3. Joe’s Steaks and Sandwich Shop
    “More than 60 years passed before political correctness found its way to the Wissinoming neighborhood of Philadelphia.”
  4. Campo’s Deli
    “Campo’s has a tip jar on the counter. I passed.”
  5. John’s Roast Pork
    “The sandwiches are big and hearty, less refined than most, and most cheesesteaks aren’t refined at all.”
  6. Steve’s Prince of Steaks
    “The sandwich was so tender and dainty I felt I was at a tea party.”
  7. Pat’s King of Steaks
    “Pat’s operates so efficiently your sandwich will be handed to you at the same time as your change.”
  8. Steaks on South
    “The sandwiches meet minimum cheesesteak standards, but lack finesse, style, or an identity.”
  9. Tony Luke’s 
    “Once a swell-looking spot, the walls lined with signed photos of local characters who ate there, the place has been transformed into a self-congratulatory shrine to owner Tony Luke Jr.”
  10. Geno’s Steaks
    “No panhandlers here. I suspect any who approach the premises would be met by suppressive fire.”

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