Quetzally Bringing Tacos To Bella Vista

Scott Schroeder lost his long-time sous chef at South Philly Tap Room and American Sardine Bar when Jorge Pinia took off for 12th and Fitzwater–the old home of Stix Asian Eatery. But the good news? The Bella Vista neighbors wound up with a solid new Mexican joint when Pinia and his dad (who also worked for Schroeder, and at Federal Donuts), opened Quetzally in that space a few weeks ago.

The menu is straightforward–chips and guac, burritos, tacos, the usual. But the kitchen is taking a few chances with how they turn those plates out. We’re talking rolled fried chicken tacos, fish tacos, pork rib tamales, open-face chimichangas and chicken wings (which, I grant you, is a bit of a departure, but chicken wings are cool no matter where they’re served).

There’s horchata on the board, carnitas and costillas en mole for you pork addicts, tortas and breakfast grub for the early risers (doors open at 9am). Check ’em out on Facebook below.

Quetzally [Facebook]