The Foobooz Store is Back!

We ran the Foobooz store for a month or so about a year ago, and it did fairly well in that month. We sold tee shirts, dining cards and jerky, mostly, and people ate our product up–both figuratively and literally. After the holiday season, we kind of gave up on it, but this time we’re bringing it back, and we’re bringing it back for good.

The Foobooz store is back in action!


On top of the brand new Foobooz tee shirts, we’ve collaborated with Bark Tees and are now in possession of these sick Reading Terminal Market tee shirts.

We’re also starting a bar/restaurant tee shirt series:

The bar/restaurant tees will only be on sale for two weeks at a time, and in the third week, we’ll introduce two new bar/restaurant tees. The previous two will be pulled from the shelves, never to be sold again. Unless, of course, we sell a lot of them, then we’ll probably bring them back for another cycle. The starting two? Good Dog and The P.O.P.E–both of which are awesome and one of which has the Pope throwing the rock-hands. Guess which one that is.


We’ve also collaborated with Mike Geno this time around. Don’t know Mike Geno? He’s a local artist who focuses on all things cheese. We’ll tell you more about him soon, but Google him in the meantime. He’s generously given us our very own print, not sold anywhere else.

We’re also bringing back the City Dining Cards. A single deck of these cards offers 50 $10 discount cards to locally owned restaurants.

Restaurants include:

  • Bainbridge Street Barrel House
  • Bottle Bar East
  • Cooperage
  • El Camino Real
  • Honey’s Sit ‘n Eat
  • Kennett
  • London Grill
  • Makiman Sushi
  • Rybrew
  • Twisted Tail
  • Yards Brewing Company, and many more…


Foobooz After Dark will live here. Give use your email address here, and we’ll send you the day and time tickets will go on sale. They’re only available on the Foobooz store, and they’ll go quickly, so make sure you’re on top of this.


And of course, this isn’t it. There’s absolutely more to come. We’ve got so many plans for this store, so many more collaborations—this is just the beginning. We’re talking to you, Ronnie.

If you have any more ideas, or want to get in on any of this, contact me at I’m open to suggestions. Happy shopping!