City Tavern Reopens (Government Still Shut Down)

Despite the fact that the children running the government are still arguing over who gets the most cookies, it appears that Walter Staib and his City Tavern crew have negotiated a deal of their own which sees the historic restaurant (which is run through the National Parks Service) open and serving once again.

Just for the record, the shut down of this one restaurant put the entire staff out of work for nearly two weeks (but that’s cool, right? I mean every waitress I know is totally rich enough for that…) and necessitated the cancellation of hundreds of reservations and catering gigs. And the City Tavern people? They’re not even exploring the stars or tracking disease or approving new brewery licenses.

But whatever. Who needs that stuff. Meanwhile, a Capitol Hill slap-fight over health insurance financing and who has to pay the government’s credit card bill this month? That’s democracy in action.

City Tavern [official]