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Government Shut Down

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Philly Restaurants Step Up to Support Furloughed Government Workers

This post has been updated.  As the U.S. government shutdown over Trump’s border wall stretches into its fourth week, federal workers who have been furloughed without […]

American Flag as a brick wall
City Life

There Is No Reason for Anyone to Be Happy About How the Shutdown Ended

Shutting down the shutdown and avoiding imminent default was not like Idris Elba in Pacific Rim “cancel[ing] the apocalypse.” Democrats making victory laps on the […]

City Life

The Republican Party Is Sinking. And That’s Bad for America.

Sixteen days after shutting down the government and less than 48 hours before pushing America into default, Republicans in Congress have finally abandoned their fruitless […]

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City Life

How to Fix ObamaCare and End the Shutdown

Say, wouldn’t this all be easier if we’d simply passed a single-payer health insurance program? We’ve spent several weeks now watching, first, the House of […]

City Life

Are Normally Hawkish Republicans Endangering U.S. Security Abroad?

It’s not at all clear if Republicans, especially those knee-jerking and red-necking in the House, have assessed that a government shutdown is having a massive […]


City Tavern Reopens (Government Still Shut Down)

Despite the fact that the children running the government are still arguing over who gets the most cookies, it appears that Walter Staib and his […]


Federal Shutdown Has Local Breweries Sweating

Several local brewers are starting to see dark clouds on the horizon regarding the Federal government’s shutdown. Breweries are required to get a federal brewery […]


This Weekend: The Meal Moves To Thomas Paine Plaza

Philadelphia is home to one of the largest art museums in the United States. Every day, buses pull up in front of it, hordes of […]


Government Shutdown Forces Closure Of City Tavern

No, seriously. This is straight from the City Tavern’s PR company. Dig it: We regret to inform you that City Tavern Restaurant is temporarily closed […]