Another New Restaurant For East Passyunk?

That’s the way things are looking according to the Passyunk Post, which is reporting that the owner of the former accordion store (no lie) at 1535 S. 11th Street (right across from the Singing Fountain) went before the zoning committee with his architect and pitched them on the idea of yet another restaurant space in the neighborhood.

It’ll be small (about 30 seats) and probably BYO, with a new kitchen built out the back and a bi-level apartment above. Here’s the nut of what’s being proposed:

[Owner and architect] cited Passyunk’s burgeoning identity as a restaurant row as the reason they see the property as an opportunity to add diversity to the avenue’s current offerings. They haven’t signed an agreement with any executive chefs or restaurateurs, but Gillen assured community members that there has been plenty of interest in the location from possible tenants, whom he declined to name. Like neighbors Stateside and Fond, they are hoping to implement something upscale, yet casual, while avoiding replication of what’s already there.

The zoning committee voted to approve the plan. No restaurateur has yet been attached to the space. Check out the Passyunk Post for all the details.

Building Owner Presents Loose Plan For Restaurant Across From Fountain [Passyunk Post]