Butler Star Terrence Howard Punched a Woman Inside Montco Diner

The Butler - Jul 2013

The actor Terrence Howard is getting a lot of press this week, because he’s co-starring with Oprah in Lee Daniels’ The Butler, which opens on August 16th. But he’s also making news because of some troubling accusations against him, including that he once punched a woman inside of Ray’s Dining Car, the popular diner and malt shop on Germantown Pike in Norristown.

Philadelphia magazine has the whole sordid account. But basically, the story (taken from a police incident report in the 2005 case) goes like this:

The Oscar-nominated actor didn’t feel like waiting in line for breakfast and committed one of the ultimate restaurant faux pas when he tried to get seated before a woman and her fiance, an active-duty Marine.

When the woman spoke up, telling Howard that they were at the front of the line, he told her, “Fuck you, I wasn’t talking to you.” The man stepped toward Howard and told him to apologize. Instead, Howard punched him, and then he punched the woman before punching the man again (rendering him temporarily unconscious, according to the report) and fleeing the scene. Howard later claimed self-defense.

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PHOTO: The Butler, Associated Press