The Great Debate: Should Men Be Allowed to Wear Shorts at Hop Sing Laundromat?

Lee from Hop Sing Laundromat floated the idea of loosening up his dress code to allow men to wear dress shorts. After all, he does allow women to wear them. When he floated the idea on Twitter, he received mostly howls of protest from devotees who saw the loosening of the dress code as the top of a slippery slope. So Lee, being Lee, set up a “Supreme Court of Hop Sing Laundromat” to weigh in on the subject. The justices ranged from Phillie, Kevin Frandsen to Marc Vetri to yours truly. The nine justices wrote in their opinions and the results were overwhelming.


Does anyone seriously want this?

By a vote of 7-2, the “justices” voted to keep the dress code as is. No shorts for men.

No to Shorts at Hop Sing Laundromat

“I think of Hop Sing Laundromat, I think of the bar version of fine dining. And if I went to a nice restaurant in the evening I would not expect nor would I care to see gentlemen in shorts. This isn’t a vote against shorts, it is a vote for class.” – Spike Eskin

“After all, you allow in ‘dress shorts’ now, and what’s next? By the end of the summer, you’re gonna have ladies wearing coochie cutters and gentlemen wearing wifebeaters. It’s a slippery slope.” – Colin Flatt

“No shorts for the gentlemen…it’s what makes this establishment better than the others.” – Kevin Frandsen

“you’re going to be outside on the sidewalk arguing about whether some guy’s shorts are “dressy” enough. You’ll wind up with more arguments over “dress vs. non-dress” shorts than you’re getting now with a simple “no shorts” policy.” – Jon Gruber

“I like having a place to go where I’m safe from man knees, flip flops, and baseball caps. Yes, it’s hot outside but it’s cool in the bar. Don’t let the public demand for man shorts chip away at the oasis you have created.” – Joy Manning

“Wearing knickers when out for a drink deserves more than just denial of service — it begs for a punch in the goddamned throat. In final, to those wearing these garments, I will offer the advice given to me over time by more women than I’d like to count: Just put your fucking pants on, dude.” – Joey Sweeney

“I like, and more importantly appreciate the no shorts rule. It brings a certain level of class to the establishment. It says, hey, take a little time and groom yourself before coming here.” – Marc Vetri

The Dissenters: Yes to Shorts at Hop Sing Laundromat

“We work hard on our legs, why hide them.” –HughE Dillon

“With well defined rules (no frayed edges, no cargo shorts, etc.) as well as defined footwear, the introduction of shorts into Hop Sing’s dress code can be made without destroying the vibe of Hop Sing.” (Note, this was written before I saw the above photos of “workplace shorts”) Arthur Etchells

Photo by Mike Persico