Hitachino Making a Double Appearance

Toshiyuki Kiuchi is back in town, and he’s got a bunch of beer with him. Kiuchi is the owner of Kiuchi Brewery in Japan, a magical facility that produces their line of Hitachino Beers—some the finest craft beers in the whole country. So why is Kiuchi in town?

For two reasons:

First, on Friday, May 3rd, Kiuchi is teaming up with Zama Tanaka, of the beloved Zama, to create a Hitachino-Omakase experience (see below). It’ll be six courses of pure, unadulterated sushi paired with six wonderful Hitachino beers, and all throughout, some edamame to chew on. Priced at $80 a head, it’ll be from 5-11 pm.

Second, the brand spankin’ new beer lover’s dream, Strangelove’s, is hosting him for their first ever beer event on May 3rd, starting at 5 pm. They’ll be pouring their White, Ancient Nipponia, Real Ginger Brew, Red Rice Ale, Commemorative Ale 2013, Commemorative Ale Zymatore 2011 (aged in red zinfandel barrels), and the brand new Future Miikan.

Here’s the menu for the Hitachino-Omakase dinner:


First Course

Fried fish Nam Ban, Soft Shell Shrimp, Vegetable tempura with a hitachino butter Nippona Pilsner


Second Course

Sashimi Course

Red Rice Ale


Third Course

Potato and Kurobuta Pork Sausage Dumpling with pickled vegetable

White Ale


Fourth Course

Miso Black Cod

Japanese Classic Ale, IPA


Fifth Course

Nigiri/Maki Course, Serving a maki roll with Hitachino Ginger Ale Foam

Ginger Ale


Sixth Course

Cold Green Tea Soba Noodles with snapper and tart plum sauce

Celebration Ale


Seventh Course

Hitachino White Ale Mousse

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