Is HipCityVeg Coming to Midtown Village?

Real Estate honcho, Allan Domb has his name on the liquor license that has popped up on the “Thirteen Street Bistro” (the fake name the landlord gave the former Full Moon Saloon). Domb’s name appears on more liquor licenses connected to Stephen Starr than Starr himself, but Michael Klein says he hears Starr is not involved in this project. Instead, Klein says that Nicole Marquis of HipCityVeg is considering the space.

Domb, who owns the bricks of HipCityVeg’s first location can’t say enough good things about Marquis and lets us know she’s considering 13th Street but stops short of confirming she’ll be doing HipCityVeg or another concept at 131 South 13th Street.

Interestingly, Nicole Marquis’ name was attached to neighborhood discussions for another project that had Allan Domb on the liquor license. That project wound up being Starr’s Fette Sau. And the other name on the 13th Street liquor license is Tom Jackson, a common enough name but also the general manager of El Vez.

So is 131 S 13th Street going to be a new Marquis vegetarian friendly concept with liquor license or something else altogether? Marquis says she’ll let us know as things develop.

Photo by Arthur Etchells