Citron & Rose Now Open Saturdays After the Sabbath


Michael Solomonov’s Citron & Rose is now opening on Saturday nights. The bar will open 30 minutes after the sun sets and a cafe menu will be served one hour after the Sabbath has ended. Call the restaurant at (610) 664-4919 for the exact opening time.


Bar: 30 minutes after Shabbat

Cafe Menu: 1 hour after Shabbat

Mushroom Knish 10
smoked kasha, tsimmes, carrot-mustard

Salmon Pastrami Crudo 11
smoked walnuts, beets, orange, horesradish

Citron Salad 9
kale, sunchokes, crispy shallots, red peppers, garlic dressing

Beef Tartare 12
allspice, dijon mustard, bone marrow croquettes

Chicken Liver Parfait 12
rye crostini, pickled carrots

French Fries 6
pastrami spice

Citron & Rose Hamburger 15
pickled green tomato, onion, russian dressing, challah roll

Smoked Tuna Salad Sandwich 15
sweet pepper-olive relish, sliced egg, challah roll

Poached Chicken Salad 15
haricots verts, dried cherries, smoked almonds, tarragon-dijon vinaigrette

Chocolate Mousse Parfait 9
sour cherry, hazelnut

Cinnamon Babka 9
red wine sorbet

Pear Streudel 9
poppy, walnuts, pear sorbet

Citron & Rose [Official Site]