UPDATED Restaurant Week Alternatives: Tashan’s $35 4-Course Anti-Restaurant Week Menu

Tashan isn’t participating in Center City Restaurant Week–at least not officially. What chef Sylva Senat and his crew have done instead is assemble a $35, 4-course menu, offered in the same multiple-choice style as all the Restaurant Week menus, and put it out there for this, the final five days of Restaurant Week.

What’s more, it’s a great menu, with lots of excellent options. The catch? It’s only running from 5pm-7pm, today through Friday.

But still, if you’re willing to eat a little early, this one is a fantastic deal. Check out the full menu after the jump.

UPDATE: So now getting this deal is even easier. That thing about the deal only being available from 5pm-7pm? No longer the case. Tashan’s $35 4-course menu will now be available straight through dinner service, which is good news indeed