Stollenwerk Parts Ways with Fish

The rocky existence of Fish took another turn last night as Michael Klein reported that Mike Stollenwerk has left Fish. No details are yet available but with the summer’s short shutdown, the moving of Fish around the corner and all the other drama that seemed to follow Stollenwerk and business partner Evan Prochniak, it isn’t exactly shocking.

Stollenwerk burst on the scene with his postage stamp-sized Little Fish on 6th and Catharine. National praise from Bon Appetit put Stollenwerk on the map in 2008. In 2009, Little Fish begot Fish at 1708 Lombard Street. Fish also won plenty of accolades before departing its Graduate Hospital location for bumping 13th Street in early 2012. Since then Fish closed temporarily over the summer and just this fall, moved around the corner to a smaller location, as big Fish made way for Rhino Bar.

What this means for Stollenwerk, Fish and Rhino Bar is still unclear. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Michael Klein names Stollenwerk’s successor at Fish. It will be Adán Trinidad, the current chef de cuisine.

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