Sneak Preview: COOK’s January Schedule

The New Year is nearly upon us and now is the time to make some serious changes in our lives. Your New Years Resolutions are most likely to include: being nicer to your mother-in-law, trying to only eat one piece of bread from the bread basket, starting to frequent the gym, and spending more time with family and friends.

Well, that’s a nice start, but we have a little advice on how to add a some more spunk and deliciousness to your list. How about a resolution to eat amazing Mexican street food? Or what about promising to have the best Italian Super Bowl party ever? Perhaps your list is missing a vow to make your loved ones the most incredible sweets they’ve ever tasted? Have no fear, because lucky for you, COOK’s new January schedule can make these resolutions come true.

Minus those ones about the bread basket, frequenting the gym, and your mother-in-law, that is… Those are up to you.

Registration goes live at 2pm tomorrow, so ensure a delicious new year by clicking through the jump and being ready to go as soon as the clock strikes.

Want to kick off 2013 right? Then join Foobooz for Open Stove XI on Wednesday the 2nd. There’s nothing like a little friendly (and tasty) competition to get your year started off on the right path.

If the heat from the battle has left you searching for more, you’ll be sure to find it the next night with some Thai Cooking with Moon Krapugthong of Chabaa Thai Bistro. Or, if you’re looking to start this year off on a lighter note, perhaps Rachel Klein, of Miss Rachel’s Pantry, and her vegan New Year on Friday the 4th is a little more your style. We won’t judge you either way.

Your New Years Eve celebration is sure to be a wild night and you’ll wake up feeling in dire need of some great breakfast to cure it. While we can’t help you with that problem, maybe Philly’s Best Breakfast with Stacey DiPlacido of Fitzwater Café will prepare you for the next time you are in such a state.

We’ve all sat longingly at any number of sushi bars yearning to know the secrets of the sushi chef’s rapid techniques. On Wednesday the 9th, chef Kevin Yanaga of Zama is teaching Sushi-101, which is an answer to your New Years resolution of learning how to make homemade sushi. You’re welcome.

The week continues with Friday the 11th featuring a night of Big Red Wines with Brian Freedman. And as you nurse your completely innocent sommelier-in-training hangover the next morning, let your kids have some fun cookie decorating with Lee Ann Erlbaum of Under the Icing.

The following week goes global as you indulge in an evening of Pho-nominal Pho with Kiong Banh of Twenty Manning Grill on Monday the 14th. Pho not your thing? Maybe Tuesday’s Mexican Street Food with Tim Spinner of La Calaca Feliz will be a little more up your alley.

What better way to spend a weekend then soaking up the flavors of Italy? Well, there is no better way so you’re certainly in luck. Friday the 18th allow Chris Scarduzio of Table 31, Mia and Scarduzio’s to introduce you to new twists on Italian classics. Sunday night sausage making with Carmen Cappello of The Moshulu and Dan Berlin of Bongo Zeptobewery will take you on a hands-on journey through the sausage-making basics.

Forget your typical Super Bowl fare of chips, dips and wings. Come to an Italian Super Bowl Party on Saturday the 28th with Scott Schroeder of South Philly Tap Room and American Sardine Bar and Scott Wildy of Alla Spina where you can take some tips and to wow your own Super Bowl guests the following week. The Budweiser commercials will be just as good when you’re eating Italian food. Trust us. Flip your weekend from football to filet and join Jeffrey Froehler of Barclay Prime for an evening of Steakhouse Staples on Sunday the 29th.

End your month on a cozy note by indulging in Gourmet Winter Comfort Food with Aaron Gottesman of Sbraga on Wednesday the 31. After trying really hard to fulfill your New Year’s promises, comfort food is exactly the type of thing you’ll be needing.

The class schedule will be open tomorrow. Because New Years Resolutions officially don’t start till January, you can still be aggressive about getting your classes as long as you promise to be nicer when the new year rolls along.

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COOK’s January Schedule [Official]