Bottle Bar East Introduces Food Menu

Bottle Bar East has launched its full food menu, so now you have something to soak up and pair with their delicious craft beers. The menu consists of soups and stews, pickles, grilled sandwiches, and selections of meats and cheeses.

These aren’t any flimsy bar snacks either, we’re talking the real deal, like a Grilled Philly Cuban with prosciutto cotto, prosciutto parma, pecorino crottonese, roasted pepper and pickles, cheese selections from around the world and a pickle menu that’ll impress, consisting of caramelized crimini onions, cumin mushrooms, and spicy green beans, just to name a few. They also feature a “local” section within their sandwiches, with all the ingredients hailing from within 168 miles.

Bottle Bar East [Official Site]
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