Election-Themed Industry Night, Tonight at Amis

In case any of you out there forgot to crawl out of your Sandy-proof panic rooms until today, we’d like to remind you that Election Day is tomorrow. And wanting to make sure this fact does not escape anyone, a.Kitchen is hosting an election-themed Industry Night tonight at Amis, offering various politically appropriate snacks and beverages for those looking to get a leg up on their Election Night drinking (what, how do you celebrate?).

While there’s no sight of Freedom Fries on the menu, it’s hard to get more patriotic than this…

Industry Night Beers and Cocktails

  • Brew Free or Die IPA
  • Bitter American American Pale Ale
  • Cayman Island Punch
  • ‘You Didn’t Build This;’ A Gin and Chartreuse Cocktail


  • Big Bird Chicken Ballotine (the free-range kind, not to be mixed up with urban-dwelling Sesame Street kind)
  • Horses and Bayonets: Beef and Brussels sprouts skewers
  • 47% Rice-a-Roni; Jasmine rice and sausages

Remember: just because you’ll be enjoying your Rice-a-Romney—I mean Rice-a-Roni—you can’t be a true Bitter American until you vote. So get out there and do it or you’ll have no right to complain for the next four years, no matter how things turn out tomorrow.

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