Six Pack: French Toast In Philly

Editor’s Note: This week, we’re going to be introducing our new army of interns to you, the Foobooz readership. And it occurred to us that what better way for you to get to know them a little then for them to tell you all about something they loved to eat? Thus, we set them each to assembling their own Foobooz Six Pack, focusing on something they craved.

Amanda Shulman is our next contributor. This is what she had to say for herself: “I’m Amanda Shulman and I’m obsessed with anything edible. As a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, I’m officially studying political science, but have also made it my personal mission to study the Philly food scene. I write for UPenn’s 34th Street Magazine as well as, and am also the author of my own blog, I love to cook, eat, talk about/write about food, and couldn’t be happier to be living in a city where so many people feel the same way. If its edible, I’ll try it–especially when topped with a fried egg or some truffles.”

Sometimes the only way to kick your day off right is with a big pile of ridiculously fluffy and deliciously deadly French Toast. Let’s face it, anything with this much sugar automatically makes those rough mornings a little sweeter. Check out these spots for the ultimate guilty pleasure that is basically an excuse to eat dessert for breakfast. Not that we’re protesting.

Stuffed French Toast at Sabrina’s Café

Whats stuffed with cream cheese, topped with bananas and vanilla bean syrup and is the size of your head? The stuffed french toast at Sabrina’s. It will do exactly what its namesake implies–stuff you–and will also start your morning off in the sweetest direction.

Sabrina’s Cafe [Italian Market]
910 Christian Street

Challah French Toast at Honey’s Sit ‘n Eat

This classic french toast will certainly make you challah (ha!). It’s thick, fluffy, and just sweet enough to give you that jump start you need while not sending you into a sugar coma.

Honey’s Sit ‘n Eat [Northern Liberties]
800 North 4th Street


Monkey French Toast at Sam’s Morning Glory Diner

The Glory is serving up challah french toast stuffed with caramelized bananas and mangoes, and topping it with caramel sauce and whipped cream. Bananas? Mangoes? Caramel? FOR BREAKFAST? We’re in.

Sam’s Morning Glory [Bella Vista]
735 South 10th Street


French Toast at Cafe Estelle

Cafe Estelle is topping their french toast with housemade vanilla ice cream and warm maple syrup. When your having “one of those days” this is just the cure. Did I mention it’s served all day long?

Cafe Estelle [Spring Garden]
444 North 4th Street


Créme Brulee French Toast at Green Eggs Cafe

That’s right, your favorite dessert has been made in a form acceptable to eat for breakfast. Soaked in vanilla custard and topped with a vanilla anglaise and whipped cream, this french toast is over the top. And we love it.

Green Eggs Cafe [Northern Liberties]
719 North 2nd Street


Special of the week French Toast at Day by Day

Day by Day is giving you a reason to eat french toast every week with their weekly rotating special. Whether its stuffed with tiramisu, blueberries and lemon curd or pumpkin cream cheese, its always sinfully delicious.

Day By Day [Rittenhouse Square]
2101 Sansom Street