John & Kira’s Urban Garden Chocolate Bars

John & Kira’s handmade chocolates have gained quite the reputation in this city, specifically at Headhouse Farmers’ Market. If you haven’t gone yet, make your way over there and try out some of their samples. They have definitely created something special. But the beauty of their business is that they are perpetually innovating—always coming up with something even better, even more delicious, and they’ve recently come up with something, not only delicious, but novel, and even philanthropic.

Their new line of Urban Garden Chocolate Bars come in two flavors: chili peppers and almonds, or tangy orange and rosemary. The ingredients for these bars are grown in various urban gardens ‘round the city, and more noteably, their Chocolate Lab, an urban garden
and teaching kitchen at Temple University sponsored Village of Arts and Humanities (2544 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19133-1642). The educational space is an interactive venue for cooking demonstrations, gardening classes, chocolate tastings, and other things of the sort.

The business has set out to educate local children in the gratification of growing your own food, because according to John, “Some of these children have never seen a chili pepper growing, or seen a rosemary bush. We want them to enjoy gardening and understand where their food comes from.”

Five percent of all sales go right back to Philly’s urban gardens, so you don’t have to feel so guilty throwing down a few bars during the week anymore.

John & Kira’s [Official Site]