Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Momofuku Philly-Style, Christopher Lee Comes Home, Oktoberfest, Food Trucks, Eli Kulp At Fork, and What’s New At Foobooz HQ

This is how the Amis crew says hello to fall (which begins tomorrow, at like 10 in the morning to be exact). It’s also how they announced that they’ll be launching their new fall menu starting on Tuesday. We don’t know what it looks like yet, but that’s not the point. What matters is that it’s coming–that it’s being tinkered with as we speak–and that we learned this because of a goofy picture on Twitter.

As you’ve probably noticed, we rolled out a few new widgets on Foobooz–things that (we hope) will allow us to better take advantage of all the Tweetering/Instagraming/Pinning/Facebooking going on in the food world, and to stay as current with the scene as possible. Images, quotes, great dishes, construction photos, people wearing crabs on their heads, event reminders, last-minute openings–all of these are fair game now, and all of them are becoming a part of what we do at Foobooz.

But before you go getting all weird about this, let me assure you that none of this is changing what we have been doing all along. As proof, here are just a few of the things we spent this week looking into in a completely old fashioned way.

Momofuku’s Peter Serpico Coming To Philly And he’s coming in Starr’s hip pocket
Oktoberfest at Brauhaus Schmitz If you’re going to go anywhere…
Carman’s Country Kitchen Closing A 20-year run ain’t too shabby
New Food Trucks At The Chinatown Night Market It’ll be one helluva coming out party
Tashan Does Take-Out Actually, it’s a little more complicated than that…
R2L Launches Pre-Theatre Menu Just in time for arts season
On Eli Kulp and the Remaking of Fork You have to see these new menus
New Chef’s Counter Menus at Sbraga Everything you need to know for the next 8 months
Beer Troubles at Farmers Cabinet Just the latest in a long line of problems
Fall Festivals This is where the fun is
Christopher Lee Returning To Philly And he’s bringing his 4 bells with him