Poetry 101: Win Free Tickets To The Rittenhouse Row Fall Gathering

Hey guess what! The Rittenhouse Row Fall Gathering is tomorrow evening at the Comcast Center and we’ve got a couple pairs of last minute tickets to give away. Since the Fall Gathering is all about the booze (with a few snacks thrown in so that the whole party doesn’t just go completely sideways), this basically means that we’re offering a few lucky Fooboozers the chance to drink for free from some of the best cocktail bars in town (plus Applebee’s), and all you have to do to win the tickets is write us a poem…

Okay, well actually what you have to do is write us the best poem of all those who choose to enter, but because we’re on a deadline here and because this is all about the boozin’, I’m gonna make this simple for you. There are only two rules.

Rule 1) All poems must be in haiku form.

Rule B) All poems must be about drinking or bars or drinking at bars or liquor or drinking liquor or drinking liquor at bars.

Oh, and one more, all poems must be submitted before 9 o’clock tomorrow morning because we’re going to be picking winners at about 9:01 and announcing them shortly after.

So that’s it. All of you get to scribbling, and good luck.

Rittenhouse Row Fall Gathering [Official website]

Rittenhouse Row Fall Gathering Tickets [For those of you too lazy to write 17 syllables]