Seats Available For COOK September Classes

One of the big complaints about COOK is how fast everything seems to sell out. Folks try to get their seats on the first day registration opens and then, when they can’t, they just give up until next month.

Well that’s just nonsense because there are always a few seats that don’t get filled in that first mad rush for tickets. Thus, as a service to you, we’re tracking some of the early September events that aren’t yet sold out. You interested? Read on…

For starters we have Katie Cavuto Boyle of Healthy Bites coming back again on September 4 for a class on capturing the last of summer’s bounty. Dig it:

It’s time for us to face the harsh reality that summer is quickly coming to a close, but this class will allow you to hold on to the nights, Richard Marx style, and eat well while doing it.

Frankly, if you can resist a Richard Marx joke, you’re already dead inside…

The next night (September 5), Art and I are returning to COOK for yet another installment of our Open Stove Night series, and this time we’re holding our own little brother-against-brother civil war: The details:

This month’s Open Stove is a sibling square-off, with sous chef Waldemar Stryjewski facing off against his younger brother Stephen Stryjewski, sous chef at Square 1682. They’ll supply the eats (and hopefully not kill each other), we’ll supply the booze and good time.

And Art and I have some super-special tortures challenges designed for the Stryjewski brothers, so this is one that you don’t want to miss. Now make with the clicky-clicky before it’s too late.

And hey, if you’re looking for a cheap way to amuse the kids on Saturday the 8th, Shayna Marmar from Honeypie is coming in for an early COOK kids event. Here’s the pitch:

Shayna’s specialty is making the time spent in the kitchen as fun as possible for little guys and girls, and one way she does this is leaning on the vibrant natural hues of food to plan and execute a meal. Her “rainbow cooking” class, appropriate for children ages 5 to 10, uses color as the framework for family-friendly fun.

Sounds just perfectly charming, though there probably won’t be quite as much drinking as usual going on during this class…

Finally, a bit further out in the month, there’s a huge (and very cool) event happening that–for reasons completely beyond me–isn’t completely sold out already. It’s April White‘s night to trot out her new Philly-centric book, The Philadelphia Chef’s Table, but for those of you who aren’t thrilled by the notion of a book event (philistines…), check out who else is showing up to hang with her:

With each bite, the whole country is discovering what Philadelphia diners have known for more than a decade. Beneath the neon and swagger of our signature street food, the City of Cheez Whiz has grown into a bona fide food destination. The Philadelphia Chef’s Table is a delicious snapshot of this notable moment in the constantly evolving Philly food scene. It’s filled with the talented chefs, innovative bartenders, and personable owners behind the city’s sixty most influential restaurants and bars, the stories behind our top spots, cooking advice gleaned from feeding Philadelphians every single day, and more than seventy of our favorite chefs’ and restaurateurs’ favorite recipes. Join author April White at COOK when she is joined by a handful of Philly’s best chefs who will prepare a menu made up of select dishes that are featured in the book. Participating chefs include Pierre Calmels of Bibou, Peter Woolsey of Bistrot La Minette, Samuel Noh of Rouge, and Liz Begosh of Betty’s Speakeasy.

So yeah, that’s a big night. You should be buying your tickets right now.

COOK September classes [Official website]