News For People Who Like Bad News: Sang Kee Leaving Newtown Square

Over on the Insider, they’re reporting that the Sang Kee Noodle Bowl in Newtown Square’s Edgemont Square Shopping Center (next to the movie theater) is closing after just a year.

Win and Sutida Somboonsong, who owned the last two restaurants in the space, are ending their licensing deal with Sang Kee’s Michael Chow after a year. On Aug. 29, they will close the Sang Kee to retool the kitchen. On Sept. 5, the plan goes, it will open as Azie Southeast, a version of the two Azies, in Media and Villanova.

Sad, right? But what’s worse is that this space is now taking on that existential feel of a doomed location since Sang Kee is only the most recent concept to die a fast death there. Sang Kee was preceded to the grave by Roux 3 and Parker’s Prime. But here’s hoping that Azie’s pan-Southeast-Asian menu (and beer list) will do the trick and reverse the growing curse.

Sang Kee Pulling Out Of Newtown Square [The Insider]