Maru Global Gets Honest Tom’s Truck

A couple weeks ago Honest Tom’s announced it was giving away its food truck to a worthy recipient and asked people to write in stating the reasons they deserved the truck. Yesterday evening Tom McCusker announced that Maru Global would receive the truck. Maru Global has had a trying time. In October of 2011 the building that housed their Maru Global on 10th Street suffered a fire in the heating system. Repair costs and disputes with the landlord forced the Takoyaki restaurant to close its doors in mid-Janaury, 2012.

In early February the concept resurfaced at Tokio restaurant on Lombard Street. Shortly afterwards owner Ryo Igarashi began suffering headaches. Turned out he had massive blood clot in his head that required immediate surgery.

The restaurant closed for good in April but has continued to show up at events and Night Markets. Having a truck will certainly give Philadelphia more access to the highly praised octopus balls and other Takoyaki delights.

Congratulate Ryo and his wife Nicole at the Baltimore Avenue Stroll on Thursday, July 19th where Maru will have a table. And of course support McCusker for doing such a good deed by visiting him in his taco shop at 261 S 44th Street.