A Welcome Homecoming for Vernick

Adam Erace of City Paper and Brian Freedman of Philadelphia Weekly review Vernick Food & Drink this week.

Erace is impressed by internationally inspired dishes and is happy Vernick has returned home to Philadelphia.

I wasn’t disappointed, my contentment fostered by the food, at once staggeringly simple (house-made mozzarella …) and thoroughly creative (… adorned with gems of poached rhubarb jam, more pickled finger chilies, Maldon sea salt and an aggressive, throat-tingling olive oil standing in for pepper). Vernick knows what he’s doing, and he’s got allies in his bright staff and the early summer breeze sending soft ripples across the surface of my opaque, pink neo-Negroni shaken with egg white.

Freedman has high hopes for the development of Vernick’s already sophisticated work.

Vernick Food & Drink is already a seriously successful addition to our town, and yet Vernick himself is still tweaking his recipes with regularity in an attempt to inch them ever closer to embodying his exacting vision. If he’s still striving this hard, I can only imagine the heights he’ll achieve here. It promises to be a fun, tasty ride for us all.

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