Innovative German Brewer at Brauhaus Schmitz Tonight

Brauhaus Schmitz pretzels are sure to go well with Freigeist beers
Brauhaus Schmitz is hosting Sebastian Sauer from Freigeist Brewery this evening at 7 p.m. Freigeist is the experimental offshoot of Cologne’s Braustelle Brewery. Sauer and his team are reviving and updating Germany’s historical beer styles, creating beers that are different than the German standards.

Freigeist Beers at Brauhaus Schmitz

Inspired by the eastern German tart wheat beer once known as “Lichtenhainer”, Abraxxxas is sour and complex, with a balancing smoky maltiness.HOPPEDITZ

Named after the traditional burning puppet at Düsseldorf’s Karneval, Hoppeditz is a subtly smoked, extra-hoppy version of the city’s classic Alt style.

Rich, hoppy, and complex,  Ottekolong (“Eau de Cologne”) Kölsch is a traditional, unfiltered version of the city’s local specialty.

Weizenbier is an outsider (or “Pimock”)in Cologne, and there is a Rhineland slant to this wheat beer meaning fewer fruity esters, more hops.
 Brauhaus Schmitz [Official Site]