Foobooz Open Stove Night IV: A European Affair

We have made them cook with Doritos and beer. We have taken away their sous chefs. We have fed them shots and given them ramen, made them use radishes as a main course and forced them to make sauces out of cheez (as pictured above). And why have we done this?

All in the name of entertainment, of course. Bread and circuses for the food-obsessed hordes. The Foobooz Open Stove nights have become Philly’s gladiatorial arena–the place where young cooks come to prove themselves against their knife-wielding comrades–and we have just confirmed who our two new contestants will be.

On Thursday, July 5, Kenny “Admiral Snackbar” Bush of Bistrot La Minette will stand against Henrik “The Swedish Hammer” Ringbom of Brauhaus Schmitz in another raucous, whiskey-laced Open Stove showdown at COOK, a European Battle Royale pitting France against Germany in a contest for culinary domination. And the best part? Right this minute, there are still tickets available.

So get over to COOK right now and get your seats. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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