Free Little Baby’s Ice Cream and a Creepy Kickstarter Video

Little Baby’s Ice Cream is giving out some of their cold stuff at the Urban Outfitters in Suburban Square, Ardmore on Thursday June 28th from 4-8pm. The giveaway is in conjunction with the opening of the store’s new Men’s section where 20% is taken off any Men’s merchandise when you say “I’m the man” at checkout.

In addition to all that weirdness, Little Baby’s has started a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise money to fund their dream of selling their ice cream in grocery stores. The money will go toward reusable pint containers for the ice cream as well as labels and stickers. The weird part is this ridiculously creepy and insanely awkward video that goes along with their campaign profile.

Go ahead and donate to the cause (they’re only part of the way towards their goal and donations end July 9th!), just don’t make us watch that video again.

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