Reading Terminal Dedication Week Kicks Off at 10 AM

Today is the dedication of the $3 million in renovations at the Reading Terminal Market that have created new restrooms, new vendor space, an expanded demonstration kitchen and a new multi-purpose room. Rick Nichols returns to the Inquirer to write once again about the Terminal, one of his favorite subjects, and what it’s like to have a room in the market named for him.

Who knew the room would go casting about for a name? I found out when I was being feted by my colleagues at The Inquirer on the occasion of my retirement from the paper a year ago. It was announced that a new Rick Nichols Room was about to take shape at the market (applause!), right next to the site of the fetid old restrooms (laughter!). I thought it was a joke. But it was for real. At 10 a.m. Monday, a gaggle of luminaries, including the mayor, will cut the ribbon and christen the renovations and the new room.

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