We Survived Another Beer Week, How About You?

The ten day marathon that is Philly Beer Week has finally ended. We were out there from the Hammer of Glory relay right through the The Totally Unnecessary Drink at Fergie’s last night. And yes, it was totally unnecessary. Our bodies aren’t particularly happy with us but we have survived.

We of course didn’t get to nearly as many events as we had hoped but the ones we did get to were well organized and well attended. Among the many standout beers we sampled, the official collaboration beer by Iron Hill brewer Chris LaPierre and by Olivier DeDeycker of the famed Brasserie Dupont lived up to its hype. As did our first tries of several new local breweries including West Chester’s Box Car Brewing. Their mango ginger IPA was a memorable one during Opening Tap.

But we’re interested in what you most enjoyed about Beer Week. And of course in Philadelphia, every week is Beer Week. Check out #pbwleftovers on Twitter for more great beer that didn’t get kicked during Beer Week.

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