UPDATED: Michael Solomonov to Open Project On Main Line

Though the 4-bell restaurateur and his publicist are being tight-lipped about details (a press release is promised at any time now), today we can confirm that Zahav/Federal Donuts mastermind Michael Solomonov‘s next destination is the Main Line. This–and the fact that Michael Schulson and Rob Wasserman are joining forces in Ardmore–should come as some relief to all of you affluent Main Liners who like to complain that there’s just no decent place to break bread without trekking into the city. So will this be a Federal Donuts Haverford? A Zahav Radnor? Something completely different? We’ll get back to you with more information when we have it.

UPDATE: That new restaurant? It’ll be called Citron And Rose, located in Merion. And we now have a full interview with Michael Solomonov where he answers all our questions about the upcoming new restaurant.