Hot Dogs For Dessert At Cool Dog Cafe

Just when you thought they couldn’t do anything more with tube-shaped meat, someone went and did the unfathomable: they turned a hot dog into dessert. Now don’t get us wrong, we like gooey, high-fat gluttony just as much as the next guy (probably as much as the next two guys, actually). But did the owners of Cherry Hill’s Cool Dog Café really need to deep fry a hot dog (granted, an all-beef hot dog which, we guess, makes it a little bit healthier) and top it with peanut butter, chocolate brownie pieces, caramel sauce and chocolate syrup?

Yes. Yes they did.

We suppose we shouldn’t be that surprised that the creators of the Homewrecker Challenge hoagie might conceive of the Gadzooks Dog, which they sell for $4.50. So this leaves just one final question: since the dog has been on the menu for a few weeks already, has anyone out there actually tried this monster yet?

Cool Dog Cafe [Official website]