Ramen Boy Stumbles Out of the Gate

Ramen Boy opened last Friday and is getting blasted on the blogs, Yelp and our comments. Jamie from Midtown Lunch found the pork both fatty and bland, while the broth also left her wanting. Philly Phoodie made it to the Chinatown spot on the opening weekend and was not happy. The misso ramen was” bland” but the true issue (as pictured above) was the nasty “shoe leather” quality meat.

Over on Yelp, the restaurant is currently pulling a 1½ star rating and even if you discount the hating one-star review from Question Mark Heads with a single review, there are plenty of ramen enthusiasts panning the new restaurant.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen such a universally negative reaction to a new restaurant. Hopefully the owners take note.

Ramen Boy [Facebook]